Enterprise Application Integration

As simple as possible, as complex as necessary

In many companies, the IT landscape has kept on growing for several years or even decades depending on the industry and the specific requirements.
Sometimes, several isolated systems exist or systems have been linked via individually developed interfaces.
Frequently however, this pragmatic approach results in the systems reaching an unmanageable complexity that means numerous drawbacks in everyday business.
BTC will introduce an integration platform to your company that will reduce the complexity of your IT systems and considerably decrease maintenance expenditure.
At the same time, the platform forms the basis for the building of a service-oriented infrastructure through which new processes and requirements can be mapped easier to your IT environment.

Your benefits from using an integration platform:

  • No duplicate keeping of data and reduction of the expenditure on data administration
  • Uncomplicated integration of additional modules and applications
  • The possibility to react quickly to new entrepreneurial challenges


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