BTC | WIND 2.0: Efficient operation of offshore wind farms

BTC | WIND 2.0  : An integrated system for all operational challenges

BTC | WIND 2.0Construction and operation of wind farms located up to 100 kilometers away from the coast in water depths of up to 40-50 meters are still quite challenging and risky. Each project’s conditions are unique so that each wind farm has to be built with components appropriate to the project’s specific conditions. Heavy storms and rough seas frequently prevent on-site work on offshore wind farms for several days or even weeks. Therefore, efficient operation calls for sophisticated planning and outstanding remote maintenance features. In the end, the financial return of offshore wind farms critically depends on the efficient interaction of all components as well as on skilled planning of maintenance activities.


BTC – IT solutions for offshore wind farms

BTC | WIND 2.0  is a holistic solution to the diverse challenges of offshore wind farm operation and management. Its different modules may be used in different phases of the project. They are built one upon the other, they share an integrated user interface, and they are built upon a common process model and a common data model. All modules together offer an extensive system that you can hardly find anywhere else on the market.

Note that the functionalities of the BTC | WIND 2.0  are increasing continuously because partners from the offshore wind industry are helping us to identify future requirements.




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