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Information concerning the data protection declaration on the BTC website

Compiled by: Maik Evers (company data protection officer)
Status: 08-2014


The operator for the web tracking was changed:
(formerly Burda = sales partner of WiredMinds AG)

Data protection declaration for WiredMinds AG

The company WiredMinds AG publishes a TÜV expert audit report (audit report from TÜV Süd Informatik and Consulting Services) regarding the processing in accordance with data protection law, and regularly creates a report (every two years) regarding the effectiveness of the technical and organisational measures for the regulatory office for data protection in Baden-Württemberg.

This audit report specifies that pseudonymised data is transferred only. The contracting entity is responsible (corresponds to the German Federal Data Protection Act [BDSG] / the "responsible position" is BTC).

Upon conclusion of the contract, a processing of the order data pursuant to §11 BDSG is completed in the standard process, in which the technical and organisational measures are presented (currently in the test phase).

From the data protection point of view, no concerns can therefore be derived as regards the selection of service providers.


The tool implemented on the website is able to, among other features, evaluate forms in real time and in tracking. In this case the transfer of personal data can occur – depending on the way in which the configuration is completed at BTC.

The last octet of the IP address should be transferred anonymously (0 entry e.g. nnn.nnn.nnn.000). The standard setting of the tool that is used satisfies this requirement and should not be changed.
It is therefore important that the settings recommended by the manufacturer are not changed.


Since the transfer of personal data occurs contrary to the intention for the pseudonymised transfer of personal data, the use of tracking in contact forms should be avoided. IP addresses are also regarded as being personal from the legal point of view. The evaluation of search fields, for instance, is non-critical – insofar as it cannot be related to an individual person. The evaluation of such fields on the company level is non-critical (e.g. the business customer "XY municipal works" used the following pages / search terms).

Data protection declaration text (view of changes) 08-2014

Data protection declaration of the company BTC AG

The importance of data protection at the company BTC AG

Protecting our customers and users' private sphere is of considerable importance to us. For this reason, complying with the legal regulations regarding data protection is not only a given for us, it is also our top priority.

Personal data: Our website is hosted in our certificated computer centre (TSI level 3 [enhanced]). If you visit our website, the web server will, as standard, save the name of the website from which you visit us, the web pages which you visit on our site, as well as the date and duration of your visit.

When calling up the internet site, user data occurs which, among others, is saved for security purposes, and may possibly allow an identification (e.g. IP address, date, time of day and pages viewed). This data is also evaluated in order to ascertain the user behaviour and to enhance the utility of our offer as a result. Insofar as IP addresses are processed or used for this purpose, they are anonymised immediately subsequent to their gathering via the deletion of certain components of the IP address. We reserve the right to the statistical evaluation of anonymised datasets. This serves the purpose of being able to provide you, the user, with a content offering that is of interest to you. In this context, high standards of security are complied with for all measures. A personalised use does not take place.

Above and beyond this, personal data are only gathered by BTC AG if you contact us of your own avail, e.g. by email or with a contact form.

All of the personal data arising in this context are gathered, processed and used in accordance with the valid laws and regulations concerning the protection of personal data, for contract processing purposes only, and for ensuring our own justified business interests as regards the consulting and care of our customers and the creation of offers in line with requirements.

No forwarding of your personal data to third parties, either for commercial or non-commercial purposes, will take place.

Web tracking opt-out link
On this website, with the use of the WiredMinds service (''), data is gathered and further processed in anonymised form for the continuous optimisation and the analysis of our web offering. Pseudonyms are generated upon the creation of anonymised user profiles. This may also include the use of cookies, which also collect and save data in pseudonym form. Such data is not used for the personal identification of a user under any circumstances (insofar as this is even technically feasible), or brought into context with the data about the bearer of a pseudonym.
If you are not in agreement with this, however, please click on the following link in order to object the use of your visit data and to completely prevent the website tracking: Prevent from website tracking >>

It may be possible that cookies are used among others in the context of the provision of the internet offering.
A cookie is a file which is created by a website. It contains information about your computer as well as personal identification data which is saved locally on your computer. This enables you to be recognised should you visit a website at a subsequent point in time. In a website it is only possible to access personal identification data that you make available, however. For example, it is not possible for your email name to be determined in a website as long as you have not provided it. Additionally, websites have not gained any access to other information on your computer.
When a cookie has been saved on your computer it is only able to be read by the specific website on which it was created.
We find out which sections of our website are especially popular, how our users behave on the website and how much time they spend in the different sections. This information is evaluated for statistical purposes; in the course of this, the individual user remains anonymous.
You can set up your browser so that it informs you of the placing of cookies, it blocks cookies, or it deletes cookies from your hard drive once your internet session is over. In this way, the use of cookies is transparent for you.

Right to information
Upon request, we will inform you in writing, in compliance with the applicable laws, whether and what personal data we have stored regarding your person. For this purpose, please do not hesitate to contact our company data protection officer.

Right of revocation
You have the right to revoke a permission that has been issued at any time with future effect. For this purpose, please do not hesitate to contact our company data protection officer.

Liability for downloads
Insofar as the offering concerning the use of the BTC web pages includes the possibility to retrieve files and programs via the internet (downloading), the user carries the risk for the appropriate and functionally correct transferring, saving and use of the data and programs that are retrieved. BTC is not responsible for indirect or direct damage that may be caused by faulty data or programs. Liability due to misconduct or gross negligence remains unaffected.

Data protection declaration for application process / e-recruitment
In the case of a job application to BTC, we will gather, process and use your personal data in order to process your application. The data from your application will only be used for this purpose and in the scope of the legal regulations. Your data will be handled confidentially.

For the further data protection conditions that relate to the application process, please refer to the following e-recruitment data protection declaration:
E-recruitment data protection declaration >>>

BTC uses both organisational and technical security measures in order to protect the data that you make available to us against accidental or intentional change, destruction, theft or access by third parties.

Should you have any questions regarding data protection or the use of your rights, please contact our company data protection officer.

Postal address:
Betrieblicher Datenschutzbeauftragter [Company Data Protection Officer]
Escherweg 5
26121 Oldenburg