PRISMA European Capacity Platform, a European success story

Consolidation of capacity bookings by a central European Booking platform

According to regulation (EC No 715/2009) and the Capacity Allocation Mechanism Network Code (CAM NC Art. 8) of the European Commission, one single joint European booking platform for natural gas capacities shall be established.

PRISMA European Capacity Platform GmbH (PRISMA) was commissioned by a group of European Transmission System Operators (TSOs) to establish a respective booking platform as well as to integrate the procedures of the different existing platforms.

The central European trading platform for gas capacity simplifies Capacity Marketing.

A central European booking platform for capacity products has not been established so far. European transport customers had to book their natural gas transport capacities via different booking portals. 2012 PRISMA was commissioned by a number of transmission system operators (TSOs) to establish and operate an integrated European booking platform.

In context to the tender, Business Technology Consulting AG (BTC) was able to convince with its long-term experience in information technology and the energy business.

In order to cover future requirements of the European market, important key points for the customer were the modern web-architecture as well as the certified security and scalability of the application, offered by BTC.
Within less than a year, PRISMA, as owner of the platform, was able to record the successful go-live of the first central European capacity platform. On January 1st 2014 the platform has been completed by the new functionalities for secondary capacity trading.  

BTC was able to ensure the implementation within a short period of time due to its personal support, a consistent project management and a quality-oriented test procedure.
On behalf of PRISMA, BTC operates the platform in a certified data center and supports the partners and clients of PRISMA through a support service in professional and technical issues.

PRISMA European Capacity Plattform GmbH

A major step towards an integrated European market

The PRISMA platform is a fundamental step towards an integrated European gas-market. With the integration of 28 Transmission System Operators from ten different European countries and a central marketing of gas-capacities, PRISMA opens up new opportunities for the cross-border gas-transport in Europe.

Due to its scalable design as well as utilisation of stock-exchange proven auction-algorithms, PRISMA is well prepared for future challenges of the European market.

BTC is delighted, together with PRISMA European Capacity Platform GmbH to make a significant contribution for liberalisation and a new era of the European gas market.

PRISMA as a capacity platform is prepared for the future challenges of the European market.

The implementation of PRISMA primary is a pioneering step for the liberalization of energy trading as brought transparency into the market.

All transmission system operators take part in the new system and used it successfully to achieve a strongly improved strategic position in the European Gas Market.

The smart auction algorithm, as well as the standardised communication with the backend systems of the TSOs ensures that the trading platform is expandable to be up to a wide range of future challenges

To keep competitiveness up, PRISMA and BTC eagerly watch current political trends with the European Commission rulemaking and keep the system on track whenever new requirements must be met.




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