The telecommunications industry is constantly changing. The markets are highly competitive, margins are under pressure, changing regulatory conditions require prompt reaction and the customers expect great innovative power combined with short product cycles with a constantly high quality.
The availability of a flexible IT architecture that is orientated towards the company's business processes is therefore essential for telecommunications companies. For this, we recommend installing a business process management (BPM) system that comprises analysis and optimisation of your business processes and their model-based execution and evaluation to set up a continuous improvement process.

We have knowledge of the industry and experience in the following fields:

  • Customer care
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Billing, invoicing and accounting
  • Order management/activation
  • Inventory and fault management

The potentials for optimisation of your corporate workflows can only be tapped if a flexible application landscape is provided, in particular to increase the degree of automation in your processes. We pursue the approach of service-oriented architectures (SOA).

Successful projects require a systematic approach.

Our consultants have above-average method expertise in the following fields:

  • Project management
  • Requirements management
  • Business process modelling
  • Conception of IT strategies and IT architectures
  • Software development methods and procedure models
  • Quality management 
  • Test management

We employ this strong method expertise in our various types of projects:

Consulting projects
Use the know-how of our consultants in your projects to handle tasks such as project management, business process optimisation, system selection, requirements management or architecture consulting.

Introduction of Oracle Siebel
Our certified Siebel consultants will introduce Siebel in your company and integrate it into your application landscape.

System integration/individual software development
The most varied systems are used in telecommunications companies and they need to be integrated to implement lean and dynamic business processes.

We have extensive expertise in the use of systems for enterprise application integration (EAI). At the same time, we can support you in developing your own software systems, from the development of services to complex customer care applications.


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