Public sector

With BTC from municipal administration to public service provider

Commercial accounting for municipalities
Municipalities and administrative districts today are changing to become service providers for citizens and for industry and commerce. A key aspect of this is the changeover of financial accounting from fiscal accounting to commercial double-entry accounting.
With BTC.KOM, we offer public administrations a practical solution on the basis of standard SAP ERP software. This application features pre-configured administration processes and the extensive of SAP standard application functions have been reduced to those functions that are relevant to municipalities and administrative districts. The supplementing of additional processes for public administration ensures optimal usage at any scale of municipality.

Efficient solutions for other municipal areas of responsibility
Apart from BTC.KOM, we offer you other software solutions for municipal areas of responsibility such as water supply and sewage disposal, human resources, real estate management and waste management.
Our developments are characterised by the use of uniform technologies, almost redundancy-free data storage and deep process integration. This greatly facilitates business management consolidation and enables efficient cross-departmental control. The final financial statements document the situation of the entire municipality with regard to assets, finance and profitability.

In addition to technical know-how, a project member's knowledge of the industry is indispensable for her or his successful work. Therefore, our staff have far-reaching knowledge of business management and public administration.

BTC AG is an authorised SAP system vendor. We are the single source for all services:

  • As-is analyses and introduction concept design
  • Data migration
  • Training
  • Project management
  • SAP consultancy
  • Support during operation
  • SAP licences
  • Software maintenance 
  • General contractor management
  • System management (outsourcing and outtasking)
  • Hardware




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