Consumer goods

The proper recipe for success

The consumer goods industry, producing and trading goods for private consumption, is very heterogeneous with regard to its products. This makes it difficult to see the industry as a whole and new requirements and challenges appear all the time. The stress of competition has increased due to shortened product life cycles and price wars have intensified with pressure on margins increasing as a consequence. In times of fierce competition, enterprises must take account of the increased complexity of the production and logistics processes in addition to business aspects such as cost reduction and customer orientation. Only this enables them to meet the requirements with regard to checking the complete flow of commodities through the stages of production, processing and marketing in the foodstuff industry; and in meeting quality requirements, putting the idea of service into effect and implementing the product life cycles in the durable consumer goods industry.
Customers demand individual products and at the same time expect a large variety of goods.

These developments compel enterprises to install efficient processes at all stages of the value-added chain and thus to optimise the entire supply chain, the relationship with the customer with regard to customer loyalty and the integration of suppliers (supplier relationship management).

Against this background, the use of integrated and expandable standard application software becomes ever more important which maps almost all business processes in the system, from purchasing to production to marketing and planning.

We offer advice both in the area of strategy and conception and also in the implementation of technical solutions, from individual special applications to integrated all-in-one solutions across all areas of the enterprise, and integration of the associated business partners.

The consumer goods solutions provided by BTC AG will enable you to

  • quickly and flexibly react to market conditions and customer requirements
  • reliably detect rapid changes in consumer behaviour
  • optimise your internal and external processes
  • expand your network of partnerships


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