BTC | WIND 2.0: Efficient operation of offshore wind farms

BTC | WIND 2.0: Efficient operation of offshore wind farms

BTC | WIND 2.0 Since 2008, we have been active in the field of offshore wind energy and have developed the first integrated solution for managing offshore wind farms. Our BTC | WIND 2.0 product is already in use at several wind farms and is helping reliably support their operation.

Smooth operation is essential at high sea

With the challenging weather conditions that often prevail at locations far offshore, efficient operation requires a great deal of coordination and perfect planning. Seamless interaction between all components and their maintenance are vital and of paramount importance at high sea – for everyone involved. BTC | WIND 2.0 has been designed especially for offshore management and takes the special demands into account.

One system for all tasks and processes

BTC | WIND 2.0 is a comprehensive software program that supports offshore-specific working processes and offers an overview of all processes thanks to its taskboard and operations features.

The taskboard feature supports day-to-day handling. It helps users plan, execute and monitor measures while managing field staff and optimising transports. This reduces the cost of operations and maintenance as well as risks for field staff.

As a result, BTC | WIND 2.0 makes a strategic contribution to identifying potential for optimisation and increasing cost Efficiency.

BTC | WIND 2.0 Operations records measurements and error codes from various wind-farm systems automatically and at regular intervals. This management software program maps data in a harmonised data model (HDM) and processes it for wind-park condition monitoring. You have access to a wide range of appraisal and export options to help you analyse data. 



Taskboard function

Operations function

Individual user management

Multi-display operation

Link to external service providers Equipment and group management
Qualification monitoring and special permit Analysis and invoicing of feed-in management
Link to weather services including weather validation Manual and grouped error codes
Manual tracking (staff and transport) Error-code analysis
Planning of measures and transport including validation Reference curves
Export function Time-series viewer
Qualification-certificate management Availability analysis
Messaging system Dynamic X/Y plots
Farm overview by link to AIS provider Performance curve
Central resource management (staff, transport) Error analysis by component and type of error
PAX list for customs and federal police (border patrol) User-defined analysis exports
Construction-stage tracking Data importer
Risk assessment Harmonised data model
Weekly and monthly calendar with suggestions for optimisation       Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)


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