Microsoft BizTalk / BTC CIM Accelerator

The development of power grids, including the installation of smart grids, and regulatory demand for more efficient grid operation are the main drivers of the development of innovative, „smart“ IT solutions. These are based on the exchange of huge amounts of information between key applications such as SAP, power grid control systems and GIS.  


Microsoft BizTalk Server

The implementation of complex integration projects within energy companies can be easily achieved with Microsoft BizTalk Server, a proven standard product interconnecting and orchestrating all involved applications, ready for seamless integration into existing workflows. Thus, using Microsoft BizTalk Server it is possible to integrate internal applications and external market partners by using a variety of adapters.


BTC CIM Accelerator

The Common Information Model (CIM) is an international standard from the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission). It standardizes data communication in energy companies, facilitates the integration of IT systems and ensures technically correct exchange of information. Since a couple of years, use of CIM (IEC 61970/61968) in the energy sector is officially endorsed or even mandatory in several US American states. It is also commonly used throughout Asia and is more and more used in Europe as well.

Being a long-standing Microsoft partner, BTC has developed the BTC CIM Accelerator as a powerful toolset that enables the application of the CIM standard with Microsoft BizTalk Server in a precisely adjusted and easy-to-use way. With BTC CIM Accelerator, you will expand Microsoft BizTalk Server in a simple and cost-efficient manner and prepare your company for future challenges.


Your Benefits

  • Automated, reliable and CIM-compliant exchange of information
  • Fast and flexible response to constantly changing legal and market requirements
  • Consistent realization of saving potentials due to low one-off and maintenance costs
  • Consistent compliance with legal requirements and standards
  • Significant reduction of CIM complexity by specific tool support
  • Documentation and tutorials that help you getting started with the application of CIM

For many years, BTC has successfully been using Microsoft BizTalk Server in combination with CIM in the field of energy. This enabled customers such as EWE, one of the largest German utilities, to achieve considerable cost savings. We also drive extensive scientific research and innovation in cooperation with universities and research organizations, initiate and perform in pioneering pilot programs and research projects such as the E-Energy project “eTelligence”.

Getting Started
You can get an impression of how fast and easy CIM-based XML schemas can be assembled using BTC CIM Accelerator. If you would like to try it out for yourself, please send an email with your personal information to and you will get your login information for a free demo version. After that you can start the cloud service at
The free demo version can be used for two months. After the expiry of that trial period we will get in touch with you to see if you are interested in a regular account. The full access is $100 per month and user with a minimum contract period of 12 months.




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BTC CIM Accelerator

CIM Accelerator Roadmap

You can launch the BTC CIM Accelerator right here.

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