We take a look ahead and into the depth of the sector processes – your success is guaranteed

The processes are the core of your company's success. Do they run smoothly from the order through to delivery of the goods, or are there hitches in the interface between planning and production? Is the recording of redundant data a common occurrence or are the processes in your company fully integrated and at the same time flexible? These are questions that automotive manufacturers ask themselves as do furniture manufacturers or companies from the trading or consumables sectors. Yet, no two companies are the same.  

BTC has gained in-depth know-how and built up long-standing customer relations in five sectors which all flow into the development of specific BTC solutions for a company. Based on the diverse project practices, BTC has come up with a series of pre-configured sector modules for medium-sized companies that can be introduced quickly and which also pay off on a very short time. 

In the development phase, the BTC software engineers and advisors take a look ahead: For example, the BTC variant manufacturer was developed for one supplier and has now established itself in the variant-rich furniture industry. 

A successful IT project by BTC does not start with the technology, it starts with the processes. The BTC teams are a pool of business, organisational and IT expertise. This combination is vital for providing an IT-supported solution that moves your business process forward.

BTC supports medium-sized companies in the energy, industry, private services, public sector and telecommunications sectors.


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