We understand you, we know the right IT tools and give you solid, comprehensive advice. Your and our mutual success is the result.   

Information technology has changed society and the business world. Software programs and networks support general processes, be it in production halls, energy grids, municipal facilities, trade channels and communication platforms.

This also has an impact on the IT consultancy field: it faces IT landscapes and economic structures that are becoming more complex and volatile. The demands of the economy and society in general are given to permanent change: products need to be launched more quickly onto the market, suppliers are pressured into adjusting their processes quickly to those of the customers, the IT systems need to be modified quickly when laws are changed and the personal contact to the customer also needs to be intensified in this tough competitive field - something that is only possible by automating the routine tasks.

For this reason it is no longer enough to just know the latest IT tool, it is now important that the business processes of a company and the industry in which the company moves are understood. The close interaction of the IT and business processes in practice demands a different consulting approach than in the past.

For this reason BTC has adopted a comprehensive integrated consulting approach: you will receive a process analysis from us that reviews your company situation on site quickly and methodically; this is then analysed by our experts. The collated data forms the basis for the modelling and simulation of the optimised process and, last but not least, we will then integrate the process into your existing IT landscape and architecture.

Our teams, which have both in-depth IT and sector-based expertise and also business and practice-oriented know-how, will advise you in detail but also show you the general picture. Individual solutions may fulfil their purpose in many areas, however the goal is to create an IT platform that is capable of coping with the constant change in the industry and society in general. In this way your company can become a learning organisation that is in a position to continuously adapt and optimise its processes.


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