System integration

We create systems that suit your processes

In the past a number of individual solutions and so-called IT silos have been created in the companies. The process principle fell by the wayside. The current IT landscape does not usually allow new services to be integrated easily leaving some suppliers faced with the situation that they can no longer meet the needs of their customers for a process-optimised order and production chain.  Many companies are asking themselves the question: Do I need to introduce a completely new process-oriented system or is there another solution?

BTC works with you to overcome the silo architecture of the system landscapes and to further develop your IT without you having to say goodbye to solutions that function well. Using an integration platform we create a flexible connection between the individual systems and also integrate new solutions. Data that has been collated once by one application will be available for problem-free use by other programs.  

Even at the data level, BTC ensures useful integration: Within an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution we link structured data from the IT systems with unstructured data e.g. from communications systems, thereby facilitating information exchange within the company. 

Thanks to a service-oriented architecture (SOA), portal technologies and integration platforms we reduce the complexity of the IT landscapes and ensure for a flexible, maintenance and user-friendly application landscape. This results in systems that grow with the company and that can be adapted to accommodate new market and corporate issues.

Our process advisors, software developers and system specialists that join forces to create an optimised business process have in-depth method know-how and hard skills, and make full use of the potential in the IT technologies. The focus of the projects lies on the functions that the customer requires. At the same time, the BTC team compares the costs with the solution concept; it is this financial review that highlights where the boundary between functional diversity and budget is. The expandability and scalability also play an important role for an integration concept. You can be sure of long-term investment protection.


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