System management

We ensure that your IT runs efficiently and securely

Whether you are looking to completely outsource your IT operations, whether you require 1st or 2nd level support or if you are thinking about out-tasking whole business processes - such as payroll accounting: BTC is the partner you need for outsourcing of any kind.

Our service for you always concentrates on two aspects:
- ensuring that our offer and the contract are clear and cost-effective
- ensuring that our IT systems run 24/7 and enjoy preventive and active protection

This only functions with well thought-through system management and if the IT infrastructure is controlled and managed in the BTC computer centres with great care. This also applies to the virtualised systems that help increase the economic and also ecological efficiency. Our system managers regularly think about how we can make our IT environments more efficient and secure - without compromising user-friendliness and performance.

The BTC computer centres in which your rolled out applications are managed are equipped with the latest technology that is oriented on the clients' needs. BTC pursues a CO2-Footprint-Reduction strategy in its computer centres by means of a green IT concept: this ranges from the efficient cooling and usage of the computers through to the use of green power from the company Naturwatt GmbH. The staff in our computer centres are intimately familiar with the hardware, software and application technology and also know how to best realise customer-specific tasks.

So you can concentrate on your core business whilst we assume the responsibility for smooth system operations.


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