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Application development

Application development

We supplement your standard solutions with individual software – you receive the ideal application landscape for your business processes

Over the years the application landscape in companies has grown and with it the IT complexity.  Growing maintenance costs, deficient documentation and a lack of IT know-how cause some companies real headaches. Instead of supporting the company's success, the IT landscape is increasingly becoming a critical cost factor for the company.

That can be changed. BTC is one of the few SAP systems houses that can offer the ideal combination of standard systems and individual programming meaning we can solve the inconsistency between mutually opposing IT goals: costs can be reduced and IT flexibility increased. 

We implement a modern standard solution for the sector there where it fits and where it promises cost-efficient processes for fixed prices. We develop add-ons and specific applications where the company can significantly increase its efficiency compared to the competition – for example the plant wholesaler BRUNS Pflanzen, that is now the top supplier with the shortest delivery times thanks to the goods management system that was developed by BTC.

We develop special solutions for the high-technology field

Increasingly, products from the high-tech field have a growing amount of software. Very high demands are made of the high-tech components with regard to quality and performance - factors that the BTC developers satisfy precisely e.g. in the case of the signals company Plath which created a software architecture together with BTC that is able to analyse masses of measuring data in real time. 

We develop special solutions on the basis of modern technologies and established methods. With regard to quality assurance, we make use of our subsidiary company BTC Embedded Systems, a leading company in the verification of embedded systems.

More than 500 software developers and architecture consultants work for BTC. The team of IT technology and development specialists, and of method and modelling experts is put together for you from a wide-ranging resource pool. 

Individual development is no longer a huge task today thanks to new programming methods and languages: You have the advantage of no longer having to choose between a standard solution and an individual application. You just supplement.

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BTC develops applications that are tailored to your requirements and company processes. We use established technologies and methods here. In this way we ensure that the new software is integrated deeply into your IT landscape and offers long-term investment success and protection.

We are at your side:

  • as an SAP partner company we implement and integrate SAP systems for you. Any individual additions or extra programs are created using the programming language ABAB.
  • as a technology and process consultant we look for the best solution for your company. Based on Java and .NET we develop what your company needs and helps - from the small web-based tool through to large applications critical for the company, from embedded systems through to extensive special solutions


In detail BTC offers the following:

  • Consulting
      - Assessment, potential measures and design of a future application landscape and the individual application program
      - Analysis of the subject-specific and technical requirements
  • Development of the individual applications
      - Client/server and web applications and also highly-integrated special    solutions
      - Based on current programming languages (C#, Java, C/C++, ABAP objects etc.) and
      - using established methods (UML, RUP etc.)
  • Integration of standard systems and individual applications
  • Highly efficient project management based on BTC's own method BTC Prof
  • Quality management: The functional capability and sustainability of the application software is ensured via analytical procedures (tests) and constructive procedures (e.g. code styleguides).
  • Training and coaching for the users of the programs and new technologies

Step-by-step toward an optimised application landscape:

  • Potential workshop for an initial assessment.
  • Classification of all applications according to cost and benefit.
  • Derivation of an IT-development plan: How can the benefit be raised and the costs of the future application landscape optimised?
  • Derivation of individual measures, such as standard solutions or new developments or individual applications.
  • Analysis of the individual application.
  • Integration concept: BTC recommends a three-stage approach to reduce interfaces and maintenance costs.
    - In the first stage the company's IT applications are connected using an integration platform via which all programs communicate and exchange data uniformly. BTC uses SAP XI and Microsoft BizTalk for this.
    - In the second stage cross-system processes are mapped in a Business Process Management (BPM) platform with the effect that they can follow the current requirements of the market and/or the departments more quickly. This increases the flexibility of the IT. BTC uses inubit as a BPM platform.
    - The third level addresses the end users: In a portal – such as SAP Portal or Microsoft Sharepoint – the applications can be merged and the information can be personalised for the respective user.
  • Software architecture: Our own developments are based on multi-layered and future-oriented architectures and on current programming languages and development environments. The separation of data storage, business and presentation logic guarantees a high level of flexibility, scalability and investment protection.
  • Suitable tools and methods for modelling and generating limit the complexity of the software engineering, improve the maintainability and simplify the update of the software programs.
  • Around 500 developers or consultants (100 C/C++, 70 .NET, 150 Java/Java EE, 120 ABAP, 40 architecture consultants) for the engineering base at BTC.
  • Quality assurance: Our project teams comprise the BTC developer pool depending on the technical and business-related needs. Modern project management and test methods optimise the business processes and guarantee the functionality and scalability. Certified project and QS managers ensure the quality of the project and the individual programs.
  • Cost balance: Thanks to the fact that BTC can make use of the engineering resources of its subsidiaries in Poland and Turkey, it can meet tight budgets.

Contact BTC AG

Escherweg 5
26121 Oldenburg
0441 3612-0
Email: office@btc-ag.com

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