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Manufacturing industry

Efficient support for medium-sized industrial companies: the BTC Kompakt industry solution

In the manufacturing industry, high demands are made today on the value-added chain and on flexibility and speed. To meet these challenges, even medium-sized businesses need industry-specific ERP solutions for the efficient support and control of their business processes.

BTC Kompakt
BTC Kompakt
is a pre-configured industry solution based on SAP Business All-in-One. It is tailored to the specific business management requirements in the mechanical and plant engineering, plastic and metal working, electrical engineering and high-tech industries.
A fixed-price solution that can be extended at any time, designed especially for small-batch and component manufacturers, automotive suppliers and plastic and metal working companies.

BTC AG has many years of experience in the fields of development, implementation and service provision. The SAP-based solution guarantees the safeguarding of your investment and speed in the project, which will pay immediately. Moreover, BTC Kompakt can be flexibly adjusted and expanded to suit your requirements. And full transparency in your enterprise is created incidentally - at the touch of a button.

We also offer BTC Variantenfertiger, another pre-configured industry solution for the furniture industry.

We will implement BTC Kompakt, including the pre-configured industry packages, for a fixed price. Of course, in this context we will also customise the system, provide support with the migration of data and train your staff. With the help of implementation tools that have proved their value in practice, we will prepare your data for take-over, design forms in accordance with your individual requirements and install the user authorisations you need.

Apart from the standard implementation of BTC Kompakt, we will be glad to support you with the concept design and carry out individual adjustments such as expansion, the development of interfaces with peripheral systems or the introduction of our add-on solutions.

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