IT strategy

Designer instead of administrator: How we rethink processes and make your IT a mainstay of your corporate strategy.

A look at the company shows that over time one application system has been added to another to support the various corporate tasks. This has created an intricate IT landscape that needs more and more maintenance. The IT management has little time to develop strategies. 

But today companies need strategists who can rethink processes and who do not see their main task in administrating the IT backbone of the company. The changes in the business world and society in general must be reflected in the IT strategy at all times – without questioning the previous IT investments. 

BTC helps you to analyse, assess, model and redesign your historically grown IT landscape. The focus is not on completely getting rid of the "old" parts - many individual programs have developed over time and now function perfectly - but it is not enough. They are a part of a process that needs optimised support from the receipt of the order through to delivery of the goods. And this needs a continuous, business model and process-oriented IT architecture

An IT architecture that is future-oriented, stable and which can easily accommodate changes of strategy and business. 

BTC will work with you to develop an IT strategy that suits your company. In this way we will come up with a specific roadmap for your company. You can start with the most urgent issues and realise initial quick wins whilst also gradually developing or breaking down the overall process; and you can also decide whether and which IT tasks need to be outsourced. 

One of the central technologies that we use to modernise the IT or the company in general is an integration platform that significantly reduces the amount of interface work and ensures the highest possible level of IT flexibility. Other tools are process modelling including simulation procedures that facilitate the search for the best solution, and automation methods for IT processes that take the strain off the administrative routine. 

Above all, this includes business processes and sector know-how. 
We will provide comprehensive advice and we will implement industry-specific standard solutions or develop individual software - if this makes sense - we do both for you. The basis for the analysis, concept, roadmap and implementation is the BTC potential workshop: (Link to the subject Application development output potential workshop)
Every industry and every company has its own specific IT strategy – BTC knows a wide range of them e.g.:

- In the energy sector BTC realises liberalisation requirements that make completely new demands of the customer management field. Using our energy process management approach, municipal utilities, such as the Emden power supply utility, have modernised their IT landscape and have accelerated core processes. The result: a five-figure reduction in expense.

- In the public sector we use our IT ground survey to analyse the initial situation and then draw up an IT development plan, like for the town of Hanau. This all-round approach that includes SAP standardisation, uniform mobile telephones through to virtualisation has meant significant savings for maintenance, energy and IT costs for the town of Hanau. 

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Reduction of expense and costs
  • More security and compliance capability
  • Investment security
  • Calculable integration and migration effort 
  • Project is concluded in just a few months