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BTC | AMM Control Manager

BTC | AMM Control Manager 

Performing grid-need oriented switching actions in smart metering with Controllable Local Systems (CLS) - even directly from the grid control system

The German meter operator legislation states a number of requirements for performing switching actions. In connection with the definition of use cases, e.g. of the association side, there are various requirements for handling controllable local systems. In addition to fundamental questions concerning the state of the art of CLS, considerations are already being made on the implementation of such applications - with the aim of replacing old technology (e.g. ripple control) or opening up new business models with additional services.

Be equipped with the most modern technology with BTC | AMM Control Manager

BTC | AMM Control Manager is striving to supersede technology which is out of date and develop new business concepts with additional services. The Control Manager expands the functionality of the BTC | AMM Meter Data Manager by ensuring reliable measurements, monitoring and circuitry operations of consumption and generation plants with the Smart Metering infrastructure e.g. Smart Meter Gateway and Controllable Local Systems. This process can be carried out manually with the BTC | AMM Cockpit or automatically with a grid system containing an IEC 60870-5-104 - interface. Circuitry requirements will be received and forwarded for further processing towards the Gateway, which is connected with the Controllable Local Systems. Then, the circuits can be taking place under the impulse of the moment or at a controlled time. After forwarding, the Gateway send, if required, a confirmation and relevant meter data back to the initiating grid control system. Within the context of monitoring, BTC | AMM Control Manager supervises these processes and communication with the Gateways and the Controllable Local Systems.

As a result, the BTC | AMM Control Manager enables the management of circuit functions within various applications (e.g. within a smart grid) and the support of business models by combining measurement, monitoring and controlling.

Advantages by using BTC | AMM Control Manager for circuit operations with Controllable Local Systems:

  • Managing GSD files and information from Controllable Local Systems
  • Circuit operations are available spontaneously or at a controlled time
  • Switching commands via IEC 60870-5-104 protocol (standard interface to the network control system)
  • Cost-effective feed-in and load management
  • Verification of circuit processes
  • Support for automatic EEG calculation
  • Supports the Smart Grid with device monitoring and grid planning
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